Daly Elementary School FAQ



Principal/Main Office :  516-767-5200 

Attendance:  516-767-5201 

Nurse:  516-767-5210 

Counselor:  516-767-5219 

Psychologist:  516-767-5218 

Pupil Personnel Service 516-767-4900

Central Registration 516-767-5470 

Superintendent of School 516-767-5002


Q: What is the DALY HSA?

The HSA is Daly's version of a PTA. It stands for Home-School Association.

John J. Daly Elementary School's Home-School Association, "Daly HSA,'' is a nonprofit organization run by a group of parent volunteers who act as the representative for Daly Families, while working with the administration, teachers, staff, and district connected to our school. Our goals are related to education opportunities, enrichment programs and fill the gaps in educational resources. Last year, the HSA debuted a new annual International Night, and this year, we'll be launching a Spooky STEAM Night in October and a Fun Run in March, among other exciting activities. info@dalyhsa.org presidents@dalyhsa.org 


Q: What is a Daly S.T.A.R.R

A: Daly S.T.A.R.R is an acronym about our students meaning SAFE, TRUTHFUL, ACCEPTING, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE

The First Friday of each month is STARR day meaning please wear school spirit gear or school colors. The HSA sells DalyWear at school functions and soon to be online.

Q: What is the start and end time of the academic day?:

A: The academic day is from 8:05am to 2:10pm

Arrival begins no earlier than 7:50am for drop off at the Rockwood entrance. Dismissal is from 2:10-2:40pm


Q: Where can I find the Medical Forms for Daly?


If you haven’t done so already, please mail them in, email them to the Nurses Office at DAL_nurse@portnet.org, or send them in with your child as soon as school begins.


If your child has any allergies or medical conditions, and you have not already sent in their medical forms, please contact the nurse as soon as possible by phone 516-767-5210 or email DAL_nurse@portnet.org 


Q: What are the arrival and dismissal procedures?

Arrival and Dismissal Information:

  • All students that are assigned a bus are strongly encouraged to use that as their primary source of transportation.
  • If bus transportation is not an option, please review the following safety rules on drop off and pick up:
  • Drop-off begins no earlier than 7:50 am. Cars must access Rockwood Avenue from Highfield Avenue and line up along the yellow curb marked ‘Student Drop Off’ that ends at the start of the bus driveway.  Do not exit cars.  Allow your child to exit the car from the curb side of the car only.  Do not block the bus driveway and do not allow your children to exit the car and walk across the bus driveway.

*If you need to exit the car for any reason, you must pull up beyond the drop off area, park your car against the curb and turn it off, and then safely help your child to exit the car and go onto the curb by the side of the car.

  • Dismissal begins at 2:15 for buses. Opt Out Walkers will be dismissed from the library doors adjacent to the lower playground beginning at 2:20. Car pick up begins at approximately 2:25.  Please adhere to the safety rules and plan to line up on Shadyside Avenue prior to driving down Avenue C, turning on Highfield and into the Daly bus circle. 

*Students are dismissed each day based on the information we have on record.  All changes to a child’s dismissal, whether permanent or temporary, must be requested in writing by the parent/guardian and sent with the child’s backpack or via email to Dalydismissal@portnet.org by 10:30 am.



Your child can be released from the Library/Art door: the door facing Shadyside Avenue that is located between the library and the art room, by the art room porch.  

“Released to an adult” means that your child will not be allowed to leave the building unless a recognized adult comes to the door. 

“Without adult” means your child will be allowed to leave on their own. 


Car Pickup:

Parents will be allowed to pick up their children by car ONLY from the bus driveway. Students will be waiting inside and released as the cars pull up. Please be sure to attach a sign with your child’s name to the passenger side window. No child will be released to a parent not in the car. If a parent wishes to pick up a student other than by car, then they should select “walker” as the dismissal option. 

Car Pick Up Line up facing south at Shadyside/Avenue C stop sign (X), follow arrows when directed to bus driveway (CARS WILL NOT ENTER DRIVEWAY UNTIL ALL BUSES LEAVE)

Walkers – park car and meet students at walker door (W) 


Q: Who do I contact about bus issues? 

  • For transportation related issues call 516-767-5680
  • For bus related discipline issues, contact the Daly main office
  • Click here for the transportation webpage


Q: Who do I contact if my child will be late or absent? 

A: Call the main office at 516-767-5201. Please leave a message indicating the reason for lateness or absence. 


Q: Who do I contact if I need to pick up my child early from school? 

A: Early Pick-up: Students are dismissed each day based on the information we have on record. All changes to a child’s dismissal, whether permanent or temporary, must be requested in writing by the parent/guardian and sent with the child’s backpack or via email to Dalydismissal@portnet.org  by 10:30 am. Please review the attachment on the Daly website carefully about any changes in dismissal.


Q: How does my child notify me if they forget an item they need at home? How do I drop off an item that my child forgot? 

A:If a child forgets an item they need for the school day, they can come to the main office to call home for the item. If the parent is willing and able to drop off the item, they bring it to the front door and the item is given to the child. 


Q: Where is the lost and found located?

A: The lost and found is located in the cafeteria at Daly.


Q: Visitor’s entrance

All visitors must enter the main building entrance at 36 Rockwood Avenue.  Please follow the steps upstairs and buzz to be let into the main building and through the security desk. (PLEASE BRING PROOF OF ID)


Q: Who do I call if my child is having difficulty with another student? 

A: Depending on the severity of the incident, the following chain of command should be followed:

  • The classroom teacher should be the first point of contact for all situations that are not physical in nature and occurred in the classroom or during lunch/recess. 
  • The classroom teacher and the principal should be the first point of contact for all situations which occur on the bus. 
  • The principal should be contacted for any situation which is physical in nature. 
  • The school counselor and principal should be notified immediately for any situation which is felt to be in violation of the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA.) 

Q: Who do I call if I have an academic concern about my child? 

A: Academic concerns should be addressed with the teacher. This may be the classroom teacher, special area teacher, or support service teacher. 


Q: How do I set up a meeting with my child’s teacher(s)?

A: Email your child’s teacher. 


Q: What student and family support services are offered? 

A: Mrs. Horowitz is the school counselor at Daly Elementary. She can be reached at chorowitz@portnet.org  for any family issue or student concern. There is also a bilingual district social worker, Ms. Perez who can be reached at dperez@portnet.org   Our school psychologist, Dr. Ericka Bloomfield can be reached at ebloomfield@portnet.org 

  1. For English Language Learners (ELLs): the ENL Department at each building provides mandated services to students needing this support. 

Q: Who do I contact for CSE / Special Education / Section 504  Questions & Support

The Pupil Personnel Services department is responsible for the provision of Special Education, Section 504, and Nursing services for the students of Port Washington. The department is also responsible for the implementation of home instruction services and IHIPs for students who are home schooled by their parents. Pupil Personnel Services 516-767-5050

Stephanie Allen, Psy.D. Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services

Derek Bastone Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Dale Bennett Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services


Q:  Where is KAM Annex?

A: KAM Administrative Annex 90 Avenue C Port Washington, NY 11050 (building attached to Daly, but is it's own entrance)


Q: Is there a parent support group with children with disabilities? What is SEPTA? 

A: YES! SEPTA is a district-wide PTA of parents, educators and administrators. Port SEPTA provides information and a connection to other parents and resources within the community. Please use the links below to learn more about Port SEPTA and how you can help other parents by sharing the knowledge you have.

SEPTA is an organization that:

  • Supports the education of all children
  • Educates parents and community members about different learning needs
  • Promotes differentiated education
  • Takes steps to facilitate communication between families and professionals
  • Advocates for all children who need learning assistance.
  • https://www.portsepta.org/ or email portsepta@aol.com to learn more

Q: What is AGATE? 

A: AGATE is a home-school association that works with parents, teachers, administrators and other organizations to advocate for the unique needs of diverse gifted students and other advanced learners from pre-kindergarten through graduation.
https://agatepw.com/ to learn more

Q: What is PEP? 

A: Port Washington Enrichment Program (PEP) provides enrichment to students in grades K-5 giving every child the unique opportunity to participate in specially designed activities. Daly - Ms. Karen Raichoudhury kraichoudhury@portnet.org 
Learn More Here


Q: How do I access the school calendar of events? 

A: Click here for the Daly calendar of events


Q: How do I access the district calendar of events?

A: Click here for the district calendar of events 


Q: What clubs / activities are offered to students? 

A: Each year the district funds a homework club for grades 2-5 (based on recommendation from teacher) and Math Olympiads for grades 4 and 5. There is also a Scrabble Club and other clubs vary depending on funding from outside sources such as the HSA, Ed Foundation and HEARTS. 

  1. For English Language Learners (ELLs): each year, the ENL Department offers supplemental programs to support students in their academic and linguistics growth. 


Q: How do I prepay for lunch? What about snacks?

  • Click here for myschoolbucks.com on the Food Service website. Scroll to bottom and follow directions “Get Started Today.” 
  • Click here for lunch Menu at Daly
  • Click here for the Free & Reduced Lunch Information & Forms
  • Please send a healthy snack in a separate bag from your lunch bag. 


Q: Who do I contact if my child is having difficulty with their Ipad or chromebook?

A:  Please contact your child’s teacher and they will refer the child to in-building technical help.


Q: How do I change contact information?

  • Click here for Central Registration Forms to change your ADDRESS
  • Contact the Daly Main Office to change your EMAIL or PHONE NUMBER 

Q: How do I get help with the processes mentioned if I speak limited English?

  • Schools are equipped to provide translation/interpretation support by using a phone interpreter who can help you communicate with any staff member of the school community. You can ask the school to provide you with interpretation support in your home language at any time.

Q: What is the district's grading and homework policy?

A: To view the district's Grading and Homework policies, please click below:

Policy 4710 Grading

Policy 4730 Homework